Digital Transformation

Q : What is Digital Transformation?
A : Digital transformation for growth in the new economies and marketplaces

The future : The new world consortium of eBusinesses and eServices

For who ? : All who are keen to know more about new opportunities in the era of the digital age.
Program : Online or by Internship.
Theme : New insight on digitalisation and opportunities.

Outcome : Value addon Qcircle eConsortium and its Ecosystem for a shared value growth.

Enrolment : On enrolment, all participants will be given a  one year EIM Starters Plan. Immediate complimentary upgrade to Afiliate.

The Digital Transformation Program

Choice program.

    • Subscribe a digital value creation program to suit your interest and life style choice.
    • Select an internationally recognised specialty domain brand for affiliation.
    • Build your financial reward with a choice Consortium Plan.

Innovation Plan :

The Mentor-Mentee Partners Program is a cooperative learning initiative. The service is provided by Qcircle Certifed Professionals / Mentors to assist fellow members to upgrade themselves and be part of Qcircle for career advancement or business enhancement.

Opportunities and Privileges :

The program offers members the opportunity to be inducted for service on subscription to a higher Associate or Corporate Plan. The Plan allocates Privileges and Reward. Participants have a choice of three induction programs to suit their development pursuit.

Fast track aided business development. Select your choice of participation


Fast track brand affiliation for Corporate Affiliates


Fast track Brand Affiliation development for Corporate Associate Privileges


Fast track Brand development for Corporates Privleges


Brand development by Digital Franchsise Pack for Partners Privleges

Program Format and Agenda

Customised Program. The Plan may vary to meet local requirements of participants