Infocomm Technology Series

Creative SGM solutions for businesses and enterprises.
Digitalised Value Chains. Find program to suit your needs.

What is SGM and its Applications?

Get aids from the experts and IT providers who understand the growing importance of technology in business. The program series introduces you new service and product applications. All programs are conducted by members and for members.

Opportunities and Privileges :

All participants will receive a one year Starters (EIM) Plan to find their fit and chart their own progression.
Programs are accredited for advancement @ Qcircle. Complimentary Upgrade to higher plan for eligible participants.

Program One

Infocomm SGM.
For Business Online

Program Two

Professionals SGM.
For Business and Professional Improvement.

Program Three

eBusiness SGM.
For Enterprise partnering in the internet.

Program Four

SGM Value Creation.
Brand Affiliation App Solutions.