Explorers Starters Plan
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Complimentary Basic Starters Plan for all enrolled event participants to advance their progression at the eConsortium

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The Plan is for all who are desirous to be identified with Qcircle and its growth paradigm. It provides participants opportunities to explore Qcircle’s prepared environment and its applications, products and services as their value addons, privileges and rewards.

Main Features

Participants can subscribe to a Starters Plan as a Qualified Client User to find their own fit or development pathway at Qcircle. Alternatively, you may subscribe directly to an Affiliate Plan with a Competency Award to jump start your growth endeavour. Privileged value add-on to your competencies and businesses :
  • Create your own job and business portfolio.
  • Create your digital value chain at the eConsortium.
Progress at your own pace and place.

Qcircle Job | Biz Advisors can guide you to the many opportunities and stages of progression to grow your financial portfolio.

  • Invitation – Open Category for all.
  • Holder of any level of academic qualification and discipline
  • Consortium Status: Starters Basic
  • Privileges
  • Recognised as Qcircle Qualified Client User.
  • Access to an Online Qcircle Biz Advisor
  • Systematic progression at Qcircle with Consortium Financial Plan.
  • Financial Referral Benefits | QCU Fee Scale).
  • Access to Qcircle Innovators Portal
  • Access to Qcircle Apps | Client Users Panel
  • Invitation – Open to all with¬† a complimentary event.
  • Holder of any level of academic qualification and discipline
  • Consortium Status: Starters Plus
  • Privileges
  • All Starters Basic Plan Privileges.
  • Invitation to an EIM Event – Hosted or Online.
  • Directed Growth Plan and progression at the eConsortium.
  • Follow-up and consultation.
  • Submission of Growth Proposal for review (Optional)
  • Progress at your own pace and place

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Starters Basic | Explorers Plan

Starters Plus | Entrepreneurs Plan