Montessorian Certification Program

Montessorian Competency Program.

Becoming Montessorian, Certified Montessorian Professional / Educators.
A Certifying Program for participation at Montessorian World / Qcircle eConsortium.


  • Leverage onMontessorian World and Qcircle’s internationally recognised domain brand and specialty portal for service.
  • Integration of members’s competency with Consortium Financial Plan for reward.

For who?

  • Parents and teachers, principals and trainers who are desirous to learn Montessorian or be Certified for service at Montessorian World | Qcircle.
  • Mature candidates or established montessori-trained persons.

Interest Group

  • Job or Career / professional development.
  • Parents and knowledge seekers.


  • Self-motivated learners.
  • Suitably qualified persons form a locally approved learning institution for those career advancement.

Becoming Montessorian Induction Program Proper

  • Stage 1 : Induction Proposal
  • Stage II : Professional Practice Profiling and Project Enhancement Plan
  • Stage III : Application and Development
  • Stage IV : Implementation and Review for advancement

Delivery Mode

  • Online ( Consultation / Mentorship)
  • Schedule as mutually agreed between mentor and mentee.


  • Affiliate Financial Plan.  Professional Certification Award (Optional advance program)
  • Job title and with appropriate montessorian credential on subscription of an Associate Plan